Small Ball Bearings

Small Ball Bearings or small bearings are one of the classifications under ball bearings ,usually they are classified as ball bearings with a inner diameter 10mm to 30mm.  There are 60 series,62 sereis,63 series,67 series,68 series and 69 seires for small ball bearings. The small dimensions let them suitable for some special applications,such as the fields of precision instrument,home application,medical device,massage equipment,sports equipment,textile machinery,woodworking machinery,motor,power tool,water pump,air compressor etc.

Usually,the material of small ball bearings are chrome steel, if longer corrosion resistantas is needed, the material of stainless steel is a good choice,the grade is from ABEC-1 to ABEC-7 for different applications.

Founded in 2007,Zhangzhou Runstar Bearings Manufacturing Co.;Ltd is a professional small ball bearings manufacturer in China, certified ISO9001:2015.We have more than 15 years in supplying small ball bearings for industires.The small ball bearings are well-known for high precision,high speed,low voice and long life.

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