Small Thrust Ball Bearings

Small thrust ball bearings are also called small thrust bearings, it is one of the classifications under thrust ball bearings.Small thrust ball bearings or small thrust bearings are separable ball bearings that composes of shaft washer,housing washer and steel balls with cage. And shaft washer of small thrust ball bearings or small thrust bearings are designed to fix the shaft, and housing washers are designed to fix the parts outside the shaft. Compared with deep groove ball bearing,small thrust ball bearings or small thrust bearings can only support axial load and medium speed.Zhangzhou Runstar Bearings Manufacturing Co.;Ltd is a professional small thrust ball bearings manufacturer since 2007, certified ISO9001:2015. The small thrust ball bearings or small thrust bearings from Runstar start with a bore s ize 10mm to 65mm, the material of washer is chrome steel or stainless steel for choice, and the material of cage is stainless steel or brass at request,and the material of balls can be chrome steel,stainless steel or hybrid ceramic.small thrust ball bearings or small thrust bearings from Runstar are well-known for it is high precision and long life, most of them are widely used in knife, in crane hook, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, Jack and low-speed reducer etcs.All small thrust ball bearings or small thrust bearings from Runstar are strictly controlled under ISO9001:2015, with RoHs and REACH compliance.

Part NumberRaceway type bore diameter of (d)outer diamter (D)thickness(H)Load Rating Cr(KN)Load Rating Cor(KN)Weight/g 
51100groove raceway10249101419
51200groove raceway10261112.51728
51101groove raceway1226910.215.221
51201groove raceway12281113.21931
51102groove raceway1528910.516.822
51202groove raceway15321216.524.841
51103groove raceway1730910.818.224
51203groove raceway1735121727.248
51104groove raceway20351014.224.536
51204groove raceway20401422.237.575
51304groove raceway2047183555.8150
51105groove raceway25421115.230.255
51205groove raceway25471527.850.5110
51305groove raceway25521835.561.5170
51405groove raceway25602455.589.2310
51106groove raceway3047111634.262
51206groove raceway3052162854.2130
51306groove raceway30602142.878.5260
51406groove raceway30702872.5125510
51107groove raceway35521218.241.577
51207groove raceway35621839.278.2210
51307groove raceway35682455.2105370
51407groove raceway35803286.8155760
51108groove raceway40601326.862.8110
51208groove raceway4068194798.2260
51308groove raceway40782669.2135530
51408groove raceway4090361122051060
51109groove raceway4565142766140
51209groove raceway45734047.8105300
51309groove raceway45852875.8150660
51409groove raceway45100391402621410
51110groove raceway50701427.269.2150
51210groove raceway50782248.5112370
51310groove raceway50953196.5202920
51410groove raceway50110431603021860
51111groove raceway55781633.889.2220
51211groove raceway55902567.5158580
51311groove raceway55105351152421280
51411groove raceway55120481823552510
51112groove raceway60851740.2108270
51212groove raceway60952673.5178660
51312groove raceway60110351182621370
51412groove raceway60130512003953080
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