what is the difference between dental bearings and common miniature bearings

Dental bearings are also called dental drill bearings or dental turbine bearings,they are referred high speed miniature bearings used in dental turbine. Compared with common miniature bearings, dental bearings need to be made with refined material and with high precision,for the rotation speed of dental bearings can be from 350000~400000rpm under the air pressure of  200-250kpa,so the dental bearings need to have the following characteristics.

1: High precision, the fit between the shaft and dental drill bearings of the dental drill needs very high precision, and the fit interference between the shaft and the inner hole of the dental drill bearing should be 0-2 цm . The accuracy of the groove of the inner and outer rings of the dental drill bearing is also much higher than that of other bearings. The grade of steel ball used also needs the highest ones. In order to improve the speed and reduce wear, ceramic balls are sometimes used for choice.

2:High speed, the speed of the dental handpiece bearings can reach 400000 rpm or even higher, and ordinary bearings will soon fall apart at such a high speed. Dental handpiece bearings need to use two special materials: reinforced phenolic (TORLON) or bakelite (PEEK) as retainers. These two retainers can not only withstand high temperature, but also prevent dental handpiece bearings from falling apart at high speed.
3: Low noise and low vibration. When the dental drill is used, it will produce some noise and vibration, which will make the patients feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the dental bearings need low noise and low vibration.
4: Rust prevention and corrosion resistance. Due to the extremely high speed of the dental drill, the dental bearings will generate a lot of heat due to friction, so the temperature of the dental bearing will rise. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously use water flow to cool down, which requires the dental bearing to be rust proof and corrosion resistant.
5: Long life

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