How to select the suitable rc bearings for your rc hobby

With the development of society, Remote control model beccomes a pop  hobby and a sports competition in spare time. As an important  transmission components in rc models,the rc bearings play a  indispensable role , so it is very important to select suitable rc bearins for your rc models,
it greatly determine the quality and experience of your remote control model.

How to select the suitable rc bearings for your rc hobby?

1:To confirm the right sizes of rc bearings you need, including the bore diemeter,outer diameter and width of rc bearings.

2:to confirm what material you need, the material of chrome steel is the most pop material for rc hobby, as well as stainless steel and hybrid ceramic ball.The rc bearings with stainless steel and hybrid ceramic balls are much higher than rc bearings with chrome steel, different material with different experience.

3:To confirm what type of rc bearings you need.

Usually there are open type,with shields or with rubber seals, different type with different advantages in application, it is easy to clean and add grease for rc bearings with open type, and it can run much freely without the friction from shields or rubber seals. The rc bearings with shields is the most pop type in application, it can keep from the dust in application.And the rc bearings with rubber seals is also pop for rc model, can It can be both dustproof and waterproof.

4: To select the suitable precision according to the different parts of rc models. The grade ABEC-5 to ABEC-9 is recommended for micro motors, and the grade ABEC1 to ABEC-3 is recommended for wheels and servers.

5:To select the suitable clearances according to the different parts of rc models.

6:To select a suitable grease.Grease for rc bearings is very important in application, it can reduce the voice of rc bearings,and prelong the life of rc bearings.

7: to test the appearance of rc bearings. When you get the bearings on hand, please look the bearings carefully to check if it is smooth in appearance,usually an experienced factory will pay high attention on the quality of rc bearings,including the appearance, they will grind the bearing to a nearly mirror appearance,If the surface is very rough, it proves that the grinding is not good,and the quality of rc bearings will not be good too.

8:To test the running of rc bearings, when you get the rc bearings on hand,please turn it and look if it can run freely, it is can run very freely,it means good quality,

9: To test the voice of rc bearings, when you turn the bearings, if you can run very freely without any voice, it means good quality.

10: RoHs and REACH compliance

Zhangzhou Runstar Bearings Manufacturing Co ltd is a professional rc bearings manufacturer in China, we have been committed to the design and production of rc bearings with high precision and high speed since 2007, and we have full size of rc bearings for all kinds rc models,such as Tamiya,Kyosho,Team Losi,Schumacher,HPI ,Hobao etcs.

Runstar make the rc bearings from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9 for rc models,the material could be chrome steel,stainless steel and hybrid ceramic for choices.

Partial pop rc bearings as followings.
MR52ZZ 2*5*2.5
MR63ZZ 3*6*2.5
MR74ZZ 4*7*2.5    MR74-2RS 4*7*2.5
MR84ZZ 4*8*3    MR84-2RS 4*8*3
MR85ZZ 5*8*2.5   MR85-2RS 5*8*2.5

MR95ZZ  5*9*3           MR95-2RS    5*9*3
MR105ZZ  5*10*4      MR105-2RS   5*10*4
MR115ZZ  5*11*4      MR115-2RS  5*11*4
MR106ZZ  6*10*3      MR106-2RS  6*10*3
MR126ZZ  6*12*4      MR126-2RS  6*12*4
MR128ZZ  8*12*3.5   MR128-2RS  8*12*3.5
688ZZ  8*16*5           688-2RS         8*16*5
6700ZZ  10*15*4       6700-2RS       10*15*4

6701ZZ  12*18*4       6701-2RS       12*18*4

6800ZZ  10*19*5         6800-2RS   10*16*5

R144ZZ     3.175*6.35*2.779

R155ZZ    3.967*7.938*3.175

R2ZZ       3.175*9.525*3.967

R156ZZ    4.762*7.938*3.175

FR156ZZ   4.762*7.938*3.175

FR168ZZ    6.35*9.525*3.175

FR2-5ZZ   3.175*7.938*3.571

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