What are the advantages of stainless steel ball bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings are also called stainless steel bearings or stainless bearings.It is ball bearings with the material stainless steel.Usually the suitable stainless steel material for ball bearings are 440,420 or 316.Compared with common ball bearings with chrome steel, stainless steel ball bearings have the following advantages.

1: Weak magnetic, Stainless steel ball bearings have less magnetism than ball bearing with chrome steel, which is convenient for users to use in weak magnetic environment.

2: Excellent corrosion resistance, Stainless steel ball bearings are not easy to rust and they have strong corrosion resistance.So Stainless steel ball bearings can keep from corrosion caused by some acids or moisture.

3: Can be in contact with water. Some applications need to be in contact with water directly, stainless steel ball bearings can meet the needs。

4:To be natural clean. Stainless steel ball bearings is natural clean without corrosion, therefore, it is often used in food processing machinery

5:High heat resistance.


Stainless steel ball bearings can be widely used in the fields of medical equipment, cryogenic engineering, optical instruments, high-speed machine tools, high-speed motors, printing machinery, food processing machinery etcs.

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