What are miniature bearings

Miniature bearings are also called mini bearings or mini ball bearings, it is usually referred to ball bearings with a bore size from 1mm to 8mm.Miniature bearings perform a very important role in industries. They are widely used in fishing reel,rc hobby,servors,micro motors,office instruments,dental handpiece, video recorders, magnetic drums,  computer cooling fans, cash counters, fax machines,bike,fingerboard and skateboard etcs.

Zhangzhou Runstar Bearings Manufacturing Co.;Ltd is a professional miniature bearings manufacturer since 2007, we specilize in manufacturing miniature bearings.Miniature bearings from Runstar are available in both metric series and inch series.

We have three types of miniature bearings for choices, open type, with shields or with rubber seals, different types with different application and advantage, it is easy to clean and replace the grease with open type,moreover,it can run very freely with little friction as low as possible. It can keep from the dust with shields, and it can keep from water with rubber seals.

Miniature bearings from Runstar are well-known for its high precision,low voice,free running and long life. Usually the material could be chrome steel,stainless steel or hybrid ceramic for choices,customized miniature bearings are also available in Runstar.

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