The skateboard bearing

Skateboard is a board sport in which athletes’ feet slide. Its structure is simple and it is composed of skateboard bearings, board surface, sandpaper, support, PU wheel, bridge end nut, bridge nail, buffer pad, etc. As the transmission part of the skateboard, the skateboard bearings play a very important role in the skateboard. It supports all the loads of the skateboard itself and the people on the skateboard, and connects the wheels and supports. Therefore, the most basic requirement of the skateboard bearing is to be able to support a considerable load, keep rotating smoothly under such load, so the quality of the skateboard bearing largely determines the quality and service life of the skateboard.
Runstar Bearing Manufacturing Co.;Ltd is a professional skateboard bearings manufacturer, we design and manufacturer high speed chrome steel skateboard bearing,stainless steel skateboard bearings,and hybrid ceramic skateboard bearings with a grade from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9 for choices. The skateboard bearings from Runstar Bearings have the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high load and long life, which are deeply loved and recognized by users.
Most pop skateboard bearings is 608ZZ 8*22*7 and 608-2RS 8*22*7 etc.

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