Robot bearing

With the continuous upgrading and development of modern industrial level, industrial robot has become an indispensable tool to realize industrial automation and intelligent production. Industrial robot is a new type of high-tech intelligent machine, which can move freely and has multi joint manipulator. It can not only work automatically according to relevant programs, but also work under human control. It can replace some manual work to carry out industrial production quickly, accurately and stably.
Industrial robot bearing is one of the very important accessories of industrial robot. It is required that the robot bearing has small volume and light weight,at the same time, it has very high requirements for the accuracy, stability, speed, noise, load, clearance and service life of robot bearing. Generally, the robot bearings used for industrial robots are high-precision thin-walled bearings, which are required to have an accuracy of more than P5 and some accuracy of P2. They are ultra-high precision robot bearings. Industrial robot bearings are required to run smoothly and have appropriate starting friction torque. Appropriate clearance is required during robot bearing production and assembly.
Established in 2007,Zhangzhou Runstar Bearing Manufacturing Co ltd is a professional robot bearings manufacturer, we have been committed to the R & D and production of high-precision robot bearings for long time.The robot bearings from Runstar have the characteristics of high precision, low noise, low friction, long life and environmental protection, and are deeply loved and recognized by users.

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