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Precision instrument bearing

High precision instrument bearings are mainly used for sensors of outdoor weather instruments, horizontal instruments, marking instruments, infrared instruments, grating linear displacement and other precision instruments.
Therefore, the instrument bearing is required to have the characteristics of high precision, low friction, low torque, low noise and high reliability. Appropriate solid lubrication or thin oil lubrication is selected for precision instruments in different environment.
The accuracy grade of instrument bearing is generally above abec-5. It is required that the instrument bearing has high dimensional accuracy. The fit with small interference shall be selected, and the clearance shall be small enough to ensure its high sensitivity in instruments. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure small friction torque and high noise level.

Zhangzhou Runstar Bearings Manufacturing co.;Ltd is a professional instrument bearings manufacturer, we have been committed to the R & D and production of high-precision instrument bearings since 2007. The instrument bearings from Runstar have the characteristics of high precision, low torque, long life and high sensitivity, and are deeply loved and recognized by users.
The followings is our partial instrument bearings.
682 2*5*1.5 692ZZ 2*6*3
693ZZ 3*8*4 624ZZ 4*10*4
685ZZ 5*11*4 6700ZZ 10*15*4

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