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Power tool bearing

Common power tools include power drill, impact power drill, power planer, power hammer, power grinder, power wrench and power screwdriver. There are high speed motors inside power tools, therefore, power tool bearings are indispensable transmission components of power tools. The quality of power tool bearings determine the quality of power tools. Since the power tool bearings are mainly used in the motor of power tools, so the power tool bearings need to meet the following aspects.
1: High speed. The speed of motor in power tools is very high,so high speed is required for power tool bearings, 30000 rpm or even higher.
2: High temperature resistance. High speed operation for a long time will produce high temperature, so the power tool bearings used are required to be resistant to high temperature.
3: High precision.The precision of rotor in power tools is relatively high, so high precision power tool bearings are also required for power tool, high precision power tool bearings dimensional tolerance can make the perfect fit between the power tool bearings and rotor, reduce resistance and friction as much as possible, and prolong the service life of power tool.
4: High load. Power tool need to support a great load in practical use, so the power tool bearings are required to support high load and wear resistance.
5: Dustproof and waterproof, the use environment of power tools will often be in contact with dust and water, so dustproof and waterproof are very important for power tool bearings.
Zhangzhou Runstar Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional power tool bearings factory, who has been committed to the R & D and production of high-precision electric tool bearings since 2007. The electric tool bearings from Runstar Bearings have the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high load and high temperature resistance, which are deeply loved and recognized by users.
Runstar has the followings power tool bearings for choices: 606zz 607zz 608zz 626zz 627zz 628zz 629zz 6000zz 6001zz 6002zz 6201zz 6202zz。The material could be chrome steel,stainless steel or hybrid ceramic for choice,from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9.

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