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Motor bearing

Motor bearing refers to the high-speed bearing specially used on the motor. Usually, a motor needs two pieces of motor bearings inside. As its core transmission component, the motor bearings plays a very important role in the motor, it supports the rotor of the motor, guides the rotation of the rotor and suppports the load, so that the motor can run smoothly at high speed. Therefore, the quality of motor bearing largely determines the quality and service life of motor.
Runstar bearing is a professional motor bearings manufacturer, we committee to the R & D and production of high-precision motor bearings since 2007. The motor bearings from Runstar are deeply loved by users and have the following characteristics.
1:High Precision. The stable and high-precision motor bearing dimensional tolerance can make the perfect fit between the motor bearings and rotor
2: High speed, flexible rotation. Most motors have requirements for the rotation speed of motor bearings, and Runstar bearings can meet the requirements to design and manufacture high speed motor bearings at request.
3:Low noise. Each motor bearing from Runstar Bearings is strictly controlled and tested by BVT
4:Low friction. Complete processing technology and proper lubrication make the motor bearings reduce friction and resistance as much as possible during operation, so that the motor bearing cans run free and fast with a very low friction.
5:Long life. Most motors, usually is used for a long time, so the service life of motor bearings need to be long enough to ensure the service life of motor
6: RoHs and REACH compliance. All motor bearings from Runstar Bearings comply with RoHS and REACH compliance.

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