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With the remote control model competition becoming a sports competition and sport, more and more lovers join the sport. In many remote control models, whether rc model cars or rc model aircraft, rc bearings are the indispensable main transmission components. Some rc bearings are used on servers, some on wheels, and some on micro motors. All parts that need to be driven are inseparable from the rc bearings, so the quality of the rc bearings will largely determine the overall quality, service life and experience of the remote control model.
Founded in 2007, Zhangzhou Runstar Bearings Manufacturing Co ltd is a professional rc bearings manufacturer, we have been committed to the design and production of rc bearings with high precision and high speed, who has more then ten year’s experience in designing and manufacturing rc bearings for rc models. The rc model bearings from Runstar Bearing has the following characteristics.
1:full size of rc bearings available. Runstar design and manufacture full sizes of rc bearings with a bore size from 1mm to 20mm for rc models,it consists of metric miniature ball bearing, inch miniature ball bearing and miniature flange bearings.
2:High Precision to meet all needs in quality. Runstar’s RC Bearings have different grade from ABEC-1 to ABEC-7 for choice.
3:High speed . It is one of the most basic requirements of rc bearings. RC Bearings with high speed can give full play to the performance of rc models.
4:Long life. The long-time rotation with high speed is a great test for the service life of the rc bearings. Runstar’s rc bearings are strictly controlled and managed from the selection of materials and each process to ensure that each rc bearing can be durable.
5:customized rc bearings is accepted.

Pop rc bearings as followings.
MR52ZZ 2*5*2.5
MR63ZZ 3*6*2.5
MR74ZZ 4*7*2.5 MR74-2RS 4*7*2.5
MR84ZZ 4*8*3 MR84-2RS 4*8*3
MR85ZZ 5*8*2.5 MR85-2RS 5*8*2.5
MR105ZZ 5*10*4 MR105-2RS 5*10*4
MR115ZZ 5*11*4 MR115-2RS 5*11*4
MR106ZZ 6*10*3 MR106-2RS 6*10*3
MR126ZZ 6*12*4 MR126-2RS 6*12*4
MR128ZZ 8*12*3.5 MR128-2RS 8*12*3.5
688ZZ 8*16*5 688-2RS 8*16*5
6700ZZ 10*15*4 6700-2RS 10*15*4

Other rc bearings size

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