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Fishing gear bearing

Fishing reel, also known as fishing line wheel and reel, is one of the most popular fishing tackle,which is a take-up transmission device composed of many parts. In the transmission device, such as the handle of the rocker, the force relief knob, both ends of the winder etcs, fishing reel bearing is the most important core component. Usually fishing reel bearing consist of miniature ball bearing,miniature stainless bearing and one way bearing. Fishing reel bearing can greatly make the transmission part run normally,to reduce the friction coefficient of the main shaft as much as possible,to reduce the noise of the transmission parts when running.

Usually, the manufacturer of fishing wheel will indicate the number of miniature ball bearings and one way bearings on fishing reel, which shows the importance of fishing reel bearing in fishing wheel. It can be said that the quantity of fishing reel bearing and the quality of fishing reel bearing used in the fishing line wheel determine the quality of the fishing line wheel. Therefore, the selection of appropriate fishing reel bearings is very important for the quality of fishing line wheel.

Zhangzhou Runstar Bearing Manufacturing Co.;Ltd is a professional fishing reel bearings manufacturer, certified ISO9001:2015, we has been committed to the design and production of fishing reel bearings since 2007,and we have more than ten year’s experience in manufacturing high precision finshing reel bearing,the fishing reel bearing from Zhangzhou Runstar Bearing Manufacturing Co.;Ltd has the following characteristics.

1: High Precision
The stable fishing reel bearing dimensional tolerance can make the perfect fit between the fishing reel bearing and each component in fishing reel.

2: Low voice

3: free and fast rotation
Free and fast rotation can decrease the friction and wear and tear in smooth use.

4: Small starting torque
It ensures that the fishing line wheel rotates easily and flexibly and the fishing line is thrown far by little force.

5: Smooth rotation, no sense of resistance.
It ensures that the fishing line wheel will not jump and disorderly the line when rotating.

6: Salt spray corrosion resistance
The fishing line wheel often comes into contact with water and salt fog, which is easy to rust and affect the service life of the fishing line, Runstar’s Bearing is specially passivated, which greatly prolongs the corrosion resistance time of the fishing reel bearing. The salt spray test can easily pass 96 hours.

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