finger skateboard

Fingerboard bearing

Finger skateboard is a miniature version of skateboard,it is also called fingerboard. It is a new fingertip sport that uses fingers instead of feet to control the fingerboard. Each finger skateboard requires four pieces of finger skateboard bearings. Like the skateboard bearing, the finger skateboard bearing also needs to be coated with PU polyurethane or POM hard plastic. Low starting torque and smooth rotation are the most basic requirements of the finger skateboard bearing.
Zhangzhou Runstar Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional finger skateboard bearings manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing high precision miniature ball bearing since 2007.we have been committed to the R & D and production of high-precision finger skateboard bearings for long time. The fingerboard bearings from Runstar have the characteristics of low starting torque, flexible and smooth rotation, low noise and long life, which are deeply loved and recognized by users.
The pop fingerboard bearing is 681XZZ 1.5*4*2.

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